Château de Chambord

I’m no historian but: >At the time of the death of King François I in 1547, the work had cost 444,070 livres And… > The livre poids de marc or livre de Paris was equivalent to about 489.5 grams I’m not sure if the

Barrage de Roselend (Roselend Dam), France

I’m not quite sure, I don’t think so though. Wikipedia says the following: >The dam was designed by Coyne et Bellier* and construction began in 1955. The reservoir began to fill in 1960, the power station was operational in 1961 and the dam complete

University of Toronto Robarts Library

When they filmed the RoboCop TV series around Toronto back in the 1990s, I don’t know if they used Robarts but they definitely used [Mississauga’s central library and city hall]( to represent some kind of futuristic buildings.

Toronto in Winter & Summer

That’s not what karma whoring means at all. This is most definitely a user who saw a cool photograph and wanted to share it to another subreddit. If you don’t want other people sharing your photographs (or if you don’t want them getting imaginary

Proposed second deck on golden gate bridge

As a resident of the North Bay (non-SF side of the Golden Gate Bridge), I’d like to add that at one time the lower deck had been planned to be used for the BART train connection to Marin and possibly Sonoma counties. But the

Millau Viaduct

You can’t see down at all, you can’t even see past the horizon line while driving across it. There are barriers to prevent people from freaking out about the height and obviously torretain vehicles, too.

Basketweave Interchange

A basketweave interchange is commonly found on highways using a collector/express system or long collector/distributor lanes. In a basketweave, one highway is able to interchange with itself, allowing traffic traveling in the same direction to switch between carriageways through the use of flyover/under ramps

Metrosol Parasol, Spain

Las Setas. The construction seemed to take an age and the locals were more than skeptical, but the result are spectacular to me; and the view from the top and treatment of ruins below are both perfect. Even the local taxi drivers are starting

Veltins Arena – Gelsenkirchen, Germany

[Full Resolution]( [Gallery of the matchday]( [Bonus pic]( all credit to

Clifton Suspension Bridge (Bristol)

yeah it’d be more sketchy if it was totally rigid. did you know that if you commit suicide off one side, then its bristol city polices’ job to clear you up, and if you jump off the other then its the somerset and avon

Hangzhou East Railway Station, Interior

I’ve been a few times because I live in a neighboring city…. it doesn’t look nearly as nice when it is swarming with people. I guess I never noticed how nice the place is because I have always rushed through it.

Bicycle parking garage in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Very few bikes here look alike. There’s so much choice in new bikes and there are so many older bikes that you’d be hard pressed to find the same model/color/year as yours. And even then, your saddle is probably higher, your handlebars angled differently,

Dragon Bridge, Da Nang Vietnam

Designed by an American firm and built by VN companies, it’s a quite modern and safe structure. It breathes fire every night–doesn’t seem at all unsafe when I’ve seen it. Several stories up, nothing remotely close to it. Wish I could’ve found a pic