Giger Bar, Chur, Switzerland

I thought at first that it looked like something out of Skyrim… then I realized that it actually looked like vertebrae, and I was a little unsettled. Good Halloween-time post!

Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Tampa Bay

I lived in St. Pete way back in the day [when the old bridge got knocked down, killing 35 people]( when 6 cars, a truck, and a Greyhound bus drove off the edge of the collapsed bridge. The remaining span carried traffic both ways

Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland

Saw a Gaelic football match there this summer. Really cool atmosphere. They hosted the [Penn State UCF game] ( this season.

Taktshang Monastery, Bhutan

I wonder how easy it is to get to that vantage point, you always see it photographed like this. I’ve been to Macchu Pichu and it’s actually very easy to take that iconic shot you always see, I wonder if this is positioned similarly.

Ceiling in Euston Station, London

It’s my least favourite London station. Honestly, part of the attraction (a very small part, admittedly) of moving back to Leicester is knowing I’ve got a nice station to arrive at if I go to London. St Pancras is gorgeous – elegant and full

Aqueduct of Padre Tembleque

I think it’s remarkable how much colonial stuff and relative urbanization existed as far back as the 1600’s in Mexico. Meanwhile in what would become the US there were a handful of British colonists starving to death in tiny cabins in a swamp. It’s

Hisense Arena, Melbourne, Australia

It’s multipurpose. Basketball isn’t really a popular enough sport in Australia to have dedicated stadiums. This also serves as a cycling arena and the second biggest tennis arena at the Australian Open. Atmosphere was damn good at this game though. Melbourne lost on the

New train hall at Denver Union Station

300 days of sunshine per year. Edit: Lest you think that’s silly, we really do normally get sun immediately after a snow. And it’s so arid that any cement that isn’t shaded melts and dries quickly – often within a day. At the same

My local tram station, Amsterdam NL

There appears to be a fence between the tracks, so the top rail of the fence might be what you’re mistaking for a third rail. It also appears that the tracks were made with poured concrete and the running rails appear to be elevated

High Trestle Trail Bridge

Yeah, it’s not hard to find though, here’s a piece of trivia from wiki: > The 13-story (40-meter) high and nearly half-mile (770-meter) long trestle bridge provides scenic views of the Des Moines River Valley and is located near mining shafts that were worked

Loaded hopper cars in Norfolk, VA

Your best bet is to take a screenshot from /u/dreamsn2’s link, I think; the original was taken from Google Maps circa 2011, when their satellite images were lower quality – sorry 🙁

Sunshine Skyway Bridge, St. Petersburg, Florida

The green pillars are actually designed to keep ships from colliding with the bridge. This bridge is at the mouth of Tampa Bay. Ships have to go through here to reach Tampa and St Petersburg. The original bridge approach is used as a fishing

High voltage power lines, Chuzhou, China.

To be sure, some insulators do have fiberglass supports, but the weather sheds are often made of resin, silicon, or porcelain. The bells used in those strain insulators are almost always porcelain. They work by increasing the surface distance to ground making tracking much

Balinghe River Bridge, China

Porn is illegal the same way jaywalking in the US is illegal, and equally enforced. China has always been a sexually explicit society. This country designs and produces 80% of the world’s sex toys. Government policy is irrelevant on an individual basis because this

Pyongyang, North Korea Metro

I don’t think it’s all that dangerous, but I wouldn’t think it was a safe as you think. When you’re there the DPRK have total control over every aspect of your life- if they want, they can tell the world that you attacked a

Spillway at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydro electric power station

[This is the RusHydro dam where the turbine popped out of its hosing and smashed through the building, two 711 MVA generators to explode, and killing 75.]( [Wiki Article](

Amsterdam townhouse

in most of recorded history europe has been considered the “west”. kind of like how when you think of easterners or the east in general, you are usually considering people of asian origin, not including Europe. (you as a general term here, obviously) Yes

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

Exactly. It seems terribly arrogant to tell your customer how to build a religious structure — a place where they will spend time praying and connecting with their faith. It’s absolutely important to bend to their whims when it comes to something like that
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