The PS10 & PS20 solar power plants, Andalusia, Spain

The spot the light is concentrated on is actually black, [as seen in this picture.]( That black spot is a reciever which transfers the energy from the light to saturated steam which in turn drives a generator.

Art Nouveau apartment in Riga by Mikhail Eisenstein

Potato jokes aside Latvia is a fascinating country, and lots of fun! I was stunned by not only the Art Nouveau buildings but also the beautiful old wooden buildings that are now slowly disintegrating back into the soil. Check out the [Belgian Embassy.](,24.108086&spn=0.002033,0.005552&hq=belgian+embassy&hnear=Riga,+Latvia&t=h&z=18&layer=c&cbll=56.959499,24.107899&panoid=Ag8VJu0yb1OhfifmWjgD2A&cbp=12,165.48,,0,-25.74)

Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange; Los Angeles; the 105 and the 110

Spaghetti Junctions usually are chaotic looking. This one has a lot going on but there’s clearly an order and symmetry to it. Compare that to where the [5, 101, 10 and 60 meet](,-118.215353&spn=0.003672,0.003857&t=k&z=18) with all its chaos. Or look at the [original Spaghetti Junction](

Hanoi Museum, GMP Architekten. Vietnam

It’s really not that big of a cantilever. Similar to corbelled brick The focal length of the camera lens makes it more extreme than it really is.

Bildmuseet, Umeå

We have a similar one in Munich, with colored sticks, and it does just the same when you’re going by at more than walking speed because they start obscuring each other. It looks awesome.

World’s Largest Coal Powered Plant, ROC (Taiwan)

Not sure the climate and human factors of Taiwan and Iran are anything alike. One is beside the largest country in the world, going through its industrial revolution. And not to mention Taiwan is incredibly dense. Oh, and it’s tropical. Iran does not have

Chicago Midway International Airport

The thing is, we don’t do public transit well. While most of those cities have decent networks they are almost universally slow, underfunded, underbuilt, and under maintained. Even New York, which is probably one of the best, is decades behind where it should be

Living Roots Bridge – Mawlynnong, Meghalaya, India

No, these were man made. That region of India is one of the wettest on the planet, so the local villagers came up with this technique to span the rivers that prevents the intense floods from washing an artificial bridge away.

Recently opened Arnhem Central Station, The Netherlands

Took them almost 20 years to build a new station. It replaces the old train station. It provides a exchange to: trolleybuses, local buses, local trains, national trains and international trains (ICE). [News]( [Video]( [Maps](https:[email protected],5.9004461,17z)

Inside Harpa Concert Hall in Iceland

I visited this place once. The glass wall is closer to giant cylinders. I was told the There were random cylinders of different colors and when the sun it’s them right they project onto the ground. Also during shows there are lights in the

Fortified church of Prejmer (1250). Part of the villages with fortified churches in Transylvania UNESCO World Heritage Site

Other pics from [Wikipedia]( : [From the inside]( [Another one from the inside]( [View from the outside]( [In a house]( I didn’t know it existed, this is pretty cool !

Siuslaw River Bridge, Oregon

That’s the marine layer rolling in from the Ocean, and it seems to happen whenever it likes. Mostly morning and evenings, but not EVERY morning and evening.

Melkweg Bridge in Purmerend (Netherlands)

I was wondering exactly how it works too, so I looked it up. The pedestrian bridge is a high arch in order to give clearance for canal traffic and to provide a lookout point; it’s lined up with the streets on either side so