Top 1000 Architecture Pictures

Sky Gardens at the ParkRoyal in Singapore

more images here: Designed by WOHA Architects, the PARKROYAL on Pickering Hotel in Singapore features six incredible sky gardens that are cantilevered at every fourth level between the blocks of guest rooms. PARKROYAL on Pickering is a hotel-in-a-garden concept that incorporates energy-saving features

Ford Foundation Building, Manhattan

I think the internet has ruined me, for a split second before I processed the image my mind leaped to the conclusion that the footpaths were in the shape of a swastika… Absolutely beautiful building and landscaping though.

Lichtenstein castle in Germany

~~Just a little remark: When you make a sidenote do it properly. The “count” was actually the Bavarian king Ludwig II and Neuschwanstein was by no means meant for hunting – Ludwig II was fiercely opposed to any kind of killing. He even went

Tofino house in BC by AA Robins

I want so bad to live in a house with this kind of design but i cant even fathom how expensive they would be. I can only hope by the time I’m actually in a position to buy a house we’ll live in a

Spaceship Earth at Night, Epcot, Florida, USA

I guess I’m more of a science/museum minded person. Yes, it’s definitely dated. I first went in I think 84? and for me it was less imagination (read: Magic Kingdom) and more reality (read:museum-like). Yes, the AT&T dome was a bit of a commercial,

Metrosol Parasol, from above. Spain

These are actually referred to by Sevillans as Las Cetas, or The Mushrooms. They look like mushrooms when you’re standing beneath them. They also offer pretty great views for a small fee.

Hohenzollern Castle, Germany

It is gorgeous inside and out (too bad you can’t take pictures inside). And that hill is a bitch and a half to climb up, I can’t imagine having to bring all the building materials up!

John Hancock in the Fog.

Hey Guy or Girl, I really like this shot, and it’s similar [to a few]( I’ve taken…Think out of the kindness of your heart on this xmas eve you could send over the RAW file so I can do a little of this an

Aqua Tower, Chicago

That’s a pretty disingenuous shot. Here’s a more representative one: What are you proposing? Skyscrapers made out of stone? That stone building was high tech for its time, and Foster’s tower is high tech for its time. Its steel exoskeleton uses less steel

Modern house

Am I missing something? That large section on the right doesn’t look closed in or anything. Does it not rain where this is at? Or is that some kind of enclosed patio with outdoor furniture? Does something come down to enclose the space?

Vatican Museums, Holy See

Just visited the museum a few weeks ago, that staircase is pretty amazing. The staircase spirals tighter and tighter, so you go from gentle slope, to sloped steps, to regular steps. Pretty awesome way to end the tour.

Stone House by Whitebox Architects

More photographs of and information about the [Stone House In Anavissos Greece by Whitebox Architects from the Archdaily page about the project](

Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

I agree, it’s a little garish, but I like the idea behind it: all of the rectangles/cells are stills from various Dutch TV shows and movies. Also, the architect talks about (in a lecture I posted in another comment) how one of his basic

The Ordos Museum in Inner Mongolia

That is amazing and hauntingly beautiful. It’s like the Thames Town and Little Paris projects except on an even grander scale. How does stuff like this get built without even considering the market?

South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), Adelaide, Australia | By Dainis Zakis

Source: [SAMHRI Interior]( by [Dainis Zakis]( on []( Request for [RF License](