Top 1000 Architecture Pictures

Inside the Sydney Opera House

I’m no expert on the topic (just a lowly photographer!), but I believe all the wood you see is unpainted, though I’m sure it has been treated/varnished. This was taken around midday, so the light should was pretty natural and didn’t alter the color

Giger Bar, Chur, Switzerland

I thought at first that it looked like something out of Skyrim… then I realized that it actually looked like vertebrae, and I was a little unsettled. Good Halloween-time post!

Taktshang Monastery, Bhutan

I wonder how easy it is to get to that vantage point, you always see it photographed like this. I’ve been to Macchu Pichu and it’s actually very easy to take that iconic shot you always see, I wonder if this is positioned similarly.

Ceiling in Euston Station, London

It’s my least favourite London station. Honestly, part of the attraction (a very small part, admittedly) of moving back to Leicester is knowing I’ve got a nice station to arrive at if I go to London. St Pancras is gorgeous – elegant and full

New train hall at Denver Union Station

300 days of sunshine per year. Edit: Lest you think that’s silly, we really do normally get sun immediately after a snow. And it’s so arid that any cement that isn’t shaded melts and dries quickly – often within a day. At the same

Amsterdam townhouse

in most of recorded history europe has been considered the “west”. kind of like how when you think of easterners or the east in general, you are usually considering people of asian origin, not including Europe. (you as a general term here, obviously) Yes

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

Exactly. It seems terribly arrogant to tell your customer how to build a religious structure — a place where they will spend time praying and connecting with their faith. It’s absolutely important to bend to their whims when it comes to something like that

Planned, Kingdom Tower, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

It’s true that wealthy Saudis diversify their investments. That doesn’t mean that their economy is diversified. This leaves their economy vulnerable to fluctuations in the energy market. Even if the economy is good, that doesn’t mean people will use the building space. Also, the

Oslo Opera House, Norway

That, and the fact that the roof of the main amphitheater space is brought around to establish the flooring of the same. It’s a wonderful concept, and the roof itself serves as a wonderful social space.

Copenhagen’s Royal Library, designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen, Denmark

I was curious what the view might look like from one of the windows, so I looked it up on Google Maps. [Turns out there’s a panorama view that includes this library, taken from a ferry!](https:[email protected],12.5833436,3a,75y,355.62h,81.46t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sksIZtAlJRYbBsjsMW3C3nA!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656)

The Cube, Birmingham, United Kingdom

I’ve never seen that building before. And okay I don’t go to Birmingham hugely often, and not since last summer, but that looks like something I would have noticed from the top of the new Library (which I visited while it was in construction,

After hours at the Louvre

Beneath the glass pyramid seen from the exterior is the ticket booths and entrance; there is another, upside down glass pyramid nearby which has the shopping mall surrounding it. The upside down pyramid isn’t visible from outside as it’s hidden within the roundabout at

Château de Chenonceau, France

The best part about going there is that you can rent a 3 man rowboat for an hour for 5 euros. There is almost no current, so even if you are inept, it’s great fun to cruise under the chateau.

Gyeongbokgung, Seoul

Lucked out with a beautiful November day at the royal palace in Seoul, Korea. I tried to condense all my pictures to [just a few of my favorites.](

Buffalo city court building ( Pfohl, Roberts and Biggie)

The Smothsons did a steel framed school at the start of the brutalist phase and Goldfinger did some brick dwellings but the majority of brutalist is indeed concrete. Brutalism is often inspired by the ‘warehouse aesthetic’, referring to the honesty of materials and celebration
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