Top 1000 Architecture Pictures

Bildmuseet, Umeå

We have a similar one in Munich, with colored sticks, and it does just the same when you’re going by at more than walking speed because they start obscuring each other. It looks awesome.

Inside Harpa Concert Hall in Iceland

I visited this place once. The glass wall is closer to giant cylinders. I was told the There were random cylinders of different colors and when the sun it’s them right they project onto the ground. Also during shows there are lights in the

Fortified church of Prejmer (1250). Part of the villages with fortified churches in Transylvania UNESCO World Heritage Site

Other pics from [Wikipedia]( : [From the inside]( [Another one from the inside]( [View from the outside]( [In a house]( I didn’t know it existed, this is pretty cool !

The Long Room, Old Library, Trinity College; Dublin, Ireland

My Alma Mater – this library is almost never used by students, scholars or professors, moreover it houses the famous [Book of Kells]( and other historical Irish artifacts such as [Brian Boru’s harp]( Famously, George Lucas lifted the design of the old library for

Roosevelt Memorial, New York – Louis Kahn

I think the elongated triangular shape is used to create the focal point at the end, guiding visitors towards the statue head of FDR. I also read somewhere about the symmetrical form relating to naval boat theme, connecting to FDR’s love for the sea,

Bayeux Cathedral

The whole town of Bayeux is really quaint. It’s exactly what you picture when you think of a French town. I used to study at the university in Caen, the next city over, and Bayeux was my favorite place to spend spend a romantic

Chiesa dell’Autostrada del Sole, near Florence

[the Autostrada del Sole](\(Italy\)) is an actual highway in Italy, it’s quite infamous for it’s traffic jams. Apparently the church’s real name is Chiesa di San Giovanni battista ( Church of Saint John the Baptist) but it’s also called like that due to it’s

North Korea’s recently completed Sci-Tech Complex

No it’s fucking not. # It’s just a giant self-indulgent monument that looks like an atom when viewed from a helicopter; which is completely meaningless since nobody in NK aside from the supreme leader has access to computers with which to see the aerial

Montreal Biosphere

That was one of the neatest things I visited in Montreal. Did you manage to crop out the metal bird things in the reflecting pool or did they remove those?

Church of the Light, Japan by Tadao Ando

A good structural engineer will work with an architect if the architect has something in mind for the concrete. Even if they end up having to say ‘we can’t do that’, I’ve never met a competent structural engineer who would refuse to listen to

Chilehaus, Hamburg

It’s all in the human scale in the detailing methinks. Reminds me of an old native american ruin site I saw as a kid in a steep cliff wall. The overall form is massive but all the little adobe huts blocked on top of

Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany designed by Delugan Meissl

[Wiki](,_Stuttgart) [Model Construction]( [A few of the cars]( [Interior shot](