Top 1000 Architecture Pictures

World Trade Center, NY

Idk what the majority opinion was, but I know there was significant outspoken criticism of the design of the buildings. Which I tend to agree with. Wiki has a decent blurb about that: >The World Trade Center design brought criticism of its aesthetics from

Alila Resorts, Bali

I was there just a few months ago. The resort overlooks the ocean and there are numerous shaded rooms like this, with sitting pillows inside to chill out and enjoy tropical cocktails and Indonesian treats/tapas. Here’s another shot I took: View post on

Fernsehturm, Berlin

Source: [Berlin Citylights]( by [Nick Wrobel]( on []( Request for [RF License](

Colorful door in Ireland

I was thinking of [The blue gate]( at Djurgården, Stockholm.

800 year old stave church. Borgund, Norway.

That’s another church. In the folk-museum on Bygdøy. That one is actually “reconstructed” based on the church in Borgund. In the 1600s to 1800s it looked nothing like it looks today. They are not suer what the original look was. How it looks today:

The National Gallery Singapore

[The official website]( and an [image of the atrium.](×1371.jpeg?w=1920&q=85&auto=format&sharp=10&s=e6deb1c794347f1314909ec41aaebb77)

Taliesin, Spring Green, Wisconsin

Wow. So I knew about this but I’d never seen [this picture]( essentially from the same spot, taken the day after the murders there (which that article talks about).

Shanghai Tower touching the clouds

Read: Corporate ambitions vs non-corporate ambitions. While the sheer newness of the skyscraper scared the first would be tenants, people grew accustomed to the idea and the initial skyscrapers proved to be commercially and economically viable. Many modern super tall buildings in the middle

Umeda Sky Building in Osaka, Japan

As an architect, what it looks like to me is, someone forgot about the fire egress and at the last minute they all just said “Oh FERKKKKKKKK” and just slapped them babies right off the side and called it a day.

Hamburg, Speicherstadt.

It was low tide. The buildings are adapted to the sea. Without water there won’t come a ship, no need for a ladder (except if somebody manages to fall in the silt). [Here’s a pic]( at standard level.

33 Thomas Street, NYC, extreme brutalism

> Every time I look at this building, or [1] this , or [2] this , or [3] this, I see it as one of a billion pieces of concrete devoid of personality. It’s actually really interesting that you’d phrase it this way because