Top 1000 Architecture Pictures

A Starbucks coffee by Kengo Kuma – Japan

Me three. Anxious and claustrophobic. Good for getting people to not linger; bad for drawing people in and getting them to stay, relax, and enjoy their beverages. I think it may be because the design is reminiscent of a collapsible structure in a state

Inside St. Issac’s Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia

Source: [Power of Ages!]( by [Olga Sushkova]( on []( Request for [RF License](

Inside the dome of the “Bundestag” in Berlin, Germany

[Here](’s a pic from inside the parliament chamber during the first republic. As a bonus, [here](’s the first free German parliament, the [National Assembly of 1848](, in St. Paul’s church in Frankfurt (Imperial city of king-elections in the HRR).

Kaufman Center for the Performing Arts

Ewing Kauffman (the namesake) was a pharmaceutical entreprenuer, among many things. He basically started a pharmaceutical company, sold it for a crap ton of money and was very charitable with the profits. The Kansas City Royals baseball stadium is named after him as well

A beautiful photo of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul

[Inside View](

DC Tower, Vienna

As someone who currently lives in DC, I was thinking this was supposed to be in Vienna, VA at first, which was obviously a little confusing (since that isn’t exactly a major skyscraper center).

Suzzallo & Allen Libraries, Seattle

>The idea for a massive central library goes back to the 1915 campus plan, drawn up by Gould and his partner, Charles Bebb. Modifying earlier plans, they envisioned a central plaza that would link a liberal arts quadrangle to the east with a science

City Hall, Chicago

The building actually contains both Chicago’s City Hall and the (Cook) County Building. The city owns the western half and the county the eastern half. That’s the reason only half of the roof contains a garden. The city choose to create the rooftop garden

Rooftops of Munich from Saint Peter’s Church

Ah, if you’re a tourist, never mind! It’s just a local thing, which roots in the snobbish and arrogant attitude of the people living in Munich. At least that’s what visitors from the countryside felt in former times. I’m sure that’s a non-issue nowadays,

Vatican Museum Staircase

I do believe this image is on the cover of the collection of short stories titled [*You are not a Stranger Here*] ( by Adam Haslett

The Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, Japan

Really? I went to Kyoto a year ago and had no trouble at all getting in as an American. I speak Japanese, but all of our [my father and I] tickets were largely bought beforehand or with the teller speaking English, and we had

The hidden Monastery in Petra, Jordan

I hate to get into semantics but I think it’s interesting to note that the monastery wasn’t constructed in the traditional sense, but rather it was carved right out of the rock face, which makes it all the more impressive

Osaka castle (大阪城) in Japan

One can actually visit this place. From [Wikipedia]( The castle is open to the public, and is easily accessible from [Osakajōkōen Station]( on the [JR West]( [Osaka Loop Line]( It is a popular spot during festival seasons, and especially during the [cherry blossom]( bloom

Budapest Parliament.

No. Not at all. In fact it was even in our contract to NOT speak Hungarian to students since it is supposed to be immersive. If you would like this is the website: Home page However, that being said keep in mind that the

The Interlace Singapore, Ole Schereen

Some people like the excitement of that. But more importantly, you can rest assured that structural engineers know what they’re doing. They have a lot of experience (good and bad) to draw from in making their buildings stand up. Especially in a high profile

Museum of Military, Dresden

From [Wikipedia]( >Before opening in October 2011 as the Bundeswehr Military History Museum, the building underwent six years of extensive construction. Using the design of architect Daniel Libeskind, the Neo-Classicist facade on the historic arsenal has been interrupted. Libeskind added a transparent arrowhead to
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