Top 1000 Architecture Pictures

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

There is something about that building and setting that really catches my eye. Some photos of the building: [1](, [2](, [3](, [4]( and [5](

Socar Tower, South Korea

According to wikipedia, this building is actually in [Azerbaijan, and is currently being built.]( The architects were from S. Korea. Also, computer renderings of buildings almost always look better than the actual building in real life.

Rakotzbruke, Kromlau, Germany

Thank you for posting this! I saved this picture a long time ago and never knew the location it was taken. Yet another reason to add Germany to the list of places I want to visit!

Old Trocadéro palace, Paris (now gone)

It was built for the Exposition Universelle of 1878 and replaced in 1937 by the Chaillot palace. other pics :,_Exposition_Universelle_1878.jpg

U-Bahn Station, Munich, Germany

I realize that, but they still appear thin compared to [Toronto’s trains]( I think.

The Overhang House by DADA & Partners

I’m making a note that if I’m ever a millionaire with spending money then I’ll contract with these guys to build me a fine house with this aesthetic. I love all the hard angles, clever lighting and material choices.

Tyne Bridge, Newcastle

Yeh the design was based on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, actually built by the [same company]( [Bonus photo of them building it](

Room with an exceptionnal view, would you try it?

I was just having the kleenex conversation with a client the other day, so that’s pretty ironic you mention that. I totally understand what you’re saying, and I don’t think you’re wrong. And yes, it is definitely pretentious. It’s not so much that I

Looks like a roman bath with modern elements

It looks gorgeous, and I get the idea behind the title. So I’m bringing it up as a trivia for those who do not know, not trying to be pedantic: Greek, Roman and medieval styling was flashy as _all the fucks_.

Tod’s Building Tokyo

I had to design one of [these](–x1yTtH6I7Kf_IsqUt42Kk1V-7I1tjdP11vSVf7wOMgAsPQHVQcQ4jiL5ylVYd2gvWp3HG28fOnjFZcy4XzWoHYyI-ZThuNDuTkeAZRK-886NGGXAr28DOJbLsK-REV5b9o0qj_UgRA6SDah6HS-5p4&attredirects=0) in the style of an architect, I chose Toyo Ito and this building was one of the major inspirations. I’ll try to find the solid-works drawing I made, it was a long time ago and I dropped

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

That is pretty frigging cool, especially in a place like Singapore that’s tight for space. I wonder how much of a wind it could handle though. Edit: I found [this interesting article]( about the building, but it doesn’t answer my question.