Top 1000 Architecture Pictures

Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia

I thought this was beautiful so I went out and found some more, here’s some of the highlights: [1]( [2]( 3: [4](

Cologne Cathedral

It is a bloody long climb to the top of that tower, but very much worth it. The history of the cathedral is quite interesting. Begun in the 13th century, it was only partially finished when the Reformation hit and the pilgrimages that it

Turning Torso skyscraper in Malmo, Sweden

When i saw this last year there was a light cloud cover, and when you looked up at the building it looked like it was falling because of the clouds moving above it. Every time I looked up I freaked out. Malmo is a

Biosphere 2, Arizona

I’ve been there! It’s really pretty amazing how they keep all of the different environments just so. The story behind the first and second closed missions of Biosphere was very interesting too. 10/10 would go again!

Car Park House by Anonymous Architects in LA

Agreed. That top area is all I’d really want. You could have barbeques up there are just sit and chill in the evenings. Building your house on a slope and then parking your car on the roof is also a really economical use of

‘Fallen Star’ Cottage House in San Diego

I love this thing so I thought it deserved [a better gallery of images]( Image 3 shows it in context with another piece from the [Stuart Art Collection](, [Vices and Virtues](; Image 5, you can just make out [Snake Path]( leading up to Geisel

Palais de Justice

Agree! As a law student and architecture aficionado, I was really excited to visit this building during my stay in Brussels. It was a shame that it was in the middle of renovations, so the facade was completely filled with scaffolding.

Building in Macau

Holy crap, this thing is real? I thought for sure that was just a concept design. “Grand Lisboa” refers to Macau’s historic relationship with Portugal, I presume.

Château de Chambord

I’m no historian but: >At the time of the death of King François I in 1547, the work had cost 444,070 livres And… > The livre poids de marc or livre de Paris was equivalent to about 489.5 grams I’m not sure if the

University of Toronto Robarts Library

When they filmed the RoboCop TV series around Toronto back in the 1990s, I don’t know if they used Robarts but they definitely used [Mississauga’s central library and city hall]( to represent some kind of futuristic buildings.

Metrosol Parasol, Spain

Las Setas. The construction seemed to take an age and the locals were more than skeptical, but the result are spectacular to me; and the view from the top and treatment of ruins below are both perfect. Even the local taxi drivers are starting

Hangzhou East Railway Station, Interior

I’ve been a few times because I live in a neighboring city…. it doesn’t look nearly as nice when it is swarming with people. I guess I never noticed how nice the place is because I have always rushed through it.

Dragon Bridge, Da Nang Vietnam

Designed by an American firm and built by VN companies, it’s a quite modern and safe structure. It breathes fire every night–doesn’t seem at all unsafe when I’ve seen it. Several stories up, nothing remotely close to it. Wish I could’ve found a pic