Top 1000 Stadium Pictures

Aviva Stadium, Dublin

Its a really interesting stadium. It is historical home of rugby in Ireland. The stadium was redeveloped in partnership with the IRFU(Irish rugby football union) and the FAI(Football association of Ireland). The location is in the most affluent and expensive residential area of Dublin

The Gabba at sunset

A Getty Images image from [this gallery on Cricinfo]( In keeping with our Australian cricket grounds theme.

Opening night at Husky Stadium

Was this last night? I’ve since moved away, but I remember being around for the construction last year, thought they’d never get it done in time. Looks beautiful either way.

Goodison Park, Liverpool, UK

It was actually the QPR match. My buddy and I came over from the US to watch Chelsea v Hull and Everton v QPR. He is an Everton supporter. Most fun week of my life.

Marseille’s new Stade Vélodrome design

It looks like the Etihad’s flamboyant cousin. Whether that’s a good thing depends on how you feel about the Etihad, I guess. It’s a little out there for me, but I like that the shapes are very organic – it just feels like a

Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, Tennessee

That makes it even better. I was thinking they handed out free t-shirts. But then I thought, “How many sizes?” “How many of each size?”” Wouldn’t that take forever to hand out, try on, exchange?” “What about all the people asking ‘Are they men’s

2015 NHL Winter Classic at Nationals Park

I’ve been to my fair share of hockey games… it’s hard enough to follow the puck from 20yards away, i wouldn’t pay money to be moved further away than that. I get what you’re saying about atmosphere. I just would rather go to a