Top 1000 Stadium Pictures

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

During the match in the photo, firefighters spent the entire match picking up fireworks that were thrown from the Curva (you can’t see them in the picture, but the bin between the two flags is where they would put them) and I am pretty

HNK Rijeka Stadium in Croatia

Wow. I lived in Rijeka for six months and played in this stadium a couple times. This picture doesn’t even do justice to how amazing the stadium is. The background of the Adriatic Sea is incredible.

NIU Convocation Center – DeKalb, IL

[Found another angle with better resolution](

Beaver Stadium – State College, PA

Those were the last stands added to the stadium. It used to be more like a bowl but with the sides a little taller. There isn’t really any way they can add more bleachers to the sides without them being really far away from

How about smaller or local stadiums? Stadion am Zoo, Wuppertal, Germany

[More photos]( [Covered in snow]( [Not really many fans come to the matches]( because the team using the stadium currently plays in the [5th league]( Sometimes though they are able to do some [neat tifos](

Ahearn Fieldhouse- Manhattan, KS

The university stopped using Ahearn for basketball in 1988, largely because of structural problems (the upper level of seating was know to shake regularly from the noise), but it is still used for Volleyball and indoor track. They were doing some renovations to it

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid

Eh, the upper seats can feel pretty far, but it’s good for the number of people. It also has a very small footprint for the size of the stadium considering it’s in the business district and land is very expensive there (though the stadium

Aviva Stadium, Dublin

Its a really interesting stadium. It is historical home of rugby in Ireland. The stadium was redeveloped in partnership with the IRFU(Irish rugby football union) and the FAI(Football association of Ireland). The location is in the most affluent and expensive residential area of Dublin

The Gabba at sunset

A Getty Images image from [this gallery on Cricinfo]( In keeping with our Australian cricket grounds theme.