Cube houses in Rotterdam (the Netherlands)

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As a 2nd year architecture student, this is the kind of comment I look for in architecture related reddits.

I have a gut reaction to these kind of project choices, there is material that would be used “just because”. I do sculpture on my free time and many times I feel an inner lost of peace as I try to justify these things. Sure they are beautiful but they don’t serve a specific purpuse, they exist “just because”. And when I try to perform on both fields, it gets worse. I have a hard time imagining sculptural buildings, with organic shapes and spectacular movements in them. I cannot fathom the financial and practical implications of that.

The “bad” (non-working, or not usable, purely aesthetic) spaces and elements seen in this type of projects makes me wonder if we will ever have a use for them. We are currently guided by the shape of our mostly square furniture and elements we interact with, but as time passes we have an ever shrinking need for physical elements. Maybe in the future, our “things” will not depend on a specific shape to function, and shapes like these wont have any “space efficiency” counterarguments.

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