Sovietic time building of the Ministry of Transportation, Tbilisi, Georgia (credit: Geert Goiris)

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33 Thomas was a AT&T routing center. It was not designed for human’s to inhabit other than security, and maintenance. Those large rectangular openings are ventilation shafts for computers which originally were vacuum tube based. It is designed to seal itself off in the event of fallout and remain active without human interaction for up to two weeks. It is now a data center.

I find it a beautiful tower. Here’s a site plan:

For the interested Brutalism, although it was not known as that when Le Corbusier started it after WW2, is meant to connected with nature and is one of the most misunderstood styles of architecture. 33 Thomas, while absent of trees and such, does fulfill the central ideas. The pink granite softens the structure. It’s intensely specialized for it’s purpose, which Corbusier demanded of his buildings. He went so far as to use a scale based on human head dimensions for concrete molds. Sadly most examples of Brutalism are piles of concrete with no connection to anything.

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