The water bridge across the river Elbe, Germany.

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>If you just let any ship vanish or appear in the same lock segment as the bridge is in, the water level would change, causing more or less load on the bridge.

sorry, explain it to me please?

it’s not a closed area, it’s a canal, which means the water level can’t rise significantly because the volume of the water body is pretty huge, so, the water level is fairly constant. only small waves would occur, but the water level would stay the same.

the load on the bridge doesn’t change, because the ship displaces more water than it weighs itself – else it wouldn’t float. [(Archimedes’ Principle)](’_principle)

the total load and water level only rise after heavy rains, but they don’t have any influence on the ship traffic.

the only case where a ship would become dangerous for the bridge is when it would sink in the area, because then it wouldn’t displace the water anymore, an even though the water level wouldn’t rise, the total load would because a ship has a higher density than water.

the bridge is constructed to survive those worst case scenarios.

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